Group Obedience Classes

Group obedience classes are designed to provide owners with the skills to train their dog in the basic obedience. Combined with information how to create the right structure and environment at home you will have the skills and knowledge you need to shape the right behaviour in your dog.

It is often a challenge for owners to be able to maintain control when other dogs are close. Throughout the program you will learn how to control your dog in an safe environment with high levels of distraction from other dogs of all shapes and sizes working around you. We will work with you on how to build reliability, meaning you only need to give your dog a command once.

Our structured program is delivered over five weeks for an hour per class. Class duration of an hour is designed for you to get the most of out of your dog by maximising energy levels for both you and your dog. We keep class sizes small to ensure that all participants get sufficient support and help as you learn new skills and overcome challenges.

Class Exercises

  • Focused walk – teaches your dog to come in and walk at your side
  • Heel – to walk nicely beside you without pulling
  • Sit and Sit/stay
  • Stand and Stand/stay
  • Down and Down/stay
  • Come to in front – dog runs in and sits in front of owner (helps to build recall)
  • Return to heel – dog moves walks around behind you and comes back to the sit position
  • Weaving – for socialility
  • Control exercise

Upcoming Classes

Saturday 4 Feb – 11 Mar 2017 8.00 am
(excludes Sat 25 Feb)

Saturday 1 Apr – 6 May 2017 8.30 am
(excludes Easter Sat)

Saturday 20 May – 17 Jun 2017 8.30am

Eimeo Road State School
Arana Drive entry (near Carwash)